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#12- You’re in the army & come home early [Anon Request]

A/N So glad to be getting back to writing preferences with a great prompt like this! I will def be posting more. Thank you guys for sticking with me! 

  • Ashton- As soon as you found you got to come home from Afghanistan early, you were ecstatic, the first thing you wanted to do was tell Ash. But one of your friends in your unit had a better idea, they suggested you surprise him. And the day was finally here, it felt so surreal. You owed Michael, Calum, and Luke big for helping you pull this off, they had stuck you into the venue tonight, and you were currently waiting anxiously backstage, still in uniform. ”You guys have been awesome tonight!” You hear Luke yell after they finished playing Good girls are bad girls, one of your favorite songs. ”I am so lucky that we have amazing fans like you, and that I have such talented band mates.” You hear the crowd scream and you know it is almost time, the butterflies in your stomach feel like they might actually bust out. ”So we have a little surprise in store for Ashton tonight, if you guys don’t mind.” Michael says cheekily as he drags Ashton out from behind his drum set and down to center stage. ”Now we are going to cover his eyes, so he can’t see what’s coming.” Calum begins to explain but Ashton interrupts ” Oooh kinky!” ”Quit being a smart ass!” Luke quips and motions for Calum to continue, ”So no matter what happens you guys can’t scream or say anything till the blindfold is off, sound good?” The audience all let out a unanimous yes, and its finally time, after nearly a year of being separated you were going to get to see Ashton again, its really happening. Michael motions for you to come on stage and you start walking eagerly, you look out at the fans whose eyes are wide, hand covering their mouths, you swear you even see a few of them crying. You awkwardly wave at them as you make your way over to Ashton, standing in front of him breathing in that scent thats so uniquely his, that you have desperately missed. Your heart is pounding at this point, you hands reach up and push the blind fold off his eyes, but like the good sport he is, he still has them squeezed shut. ”Open your eyes Ash.” You whisper to him, and instantly his eyes snap open and he sees you and enters a state of disbelief. He is crying as he pulls you into his arms, pressing you as hard as he can into his body, telling you how much he has missed you, over and over until you too are in tears. The fans are going absolutely nuts at this point, but they are just a background noise, nothing else seems to matter expect the fact that you are safe in his arms again.
  • Calum- ” I really wish you were coming home for Christmas (Y/N)” Calum mumbles sadly into the phone, you were having a hard time resisting the urge to cave and tell him what was really going on, but you held strong. ”I know, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas over here without you Cal.” You reply trying to muster all the sadness you had felt prior to when you found out you would be able to come home early. ”But at least you get to go home and see your parents!” You tried to add reassuringly, as you look over to see his parents trying to suppress their laughter, they had been a gift from above in helping you plan this ”gift” for Calum. ”Yeah I’m almost there, I’ll talk to you later okay? I love you.” He says in almost a whisper, ”I love you too.” You reply smiling, you take a seat in the recliner by the christmas tree and anxiously awaited his arrival. This whole ordeal had been an accident really, you called Calum’s parents house because you thought he was staying there during his break on tour, only he was over at Ashton’s (how typical). So when you gushingly spilled the details before giving the person on the other end of the phone a chance to respond, you were shocked to find Calum’s mom in tears insisting you surprise him. You hesitantly agreed not knowing if you would be able to resist telling Calum but you had managed and now here you are. You heard the front door open and a bag drop to the floor, ”Mum, Dad I’m home!” Cal chimes happily, you feel your heart beat quicken it’s been so long since you’ve heard his voice in person. ”We are in the living room sweetie.” His mother replies calmly but her face is overjoyed, she has always been extremely supportive and your relationship with her son. Time seems to slow down, and you can hear footsteps making there way down the hallway at an painfully slow rate. You are out .2 seconds away from saying fuck it and running to him when his tall frame appears in the doorway, ”Y/N?” he whispers softly almost as if he doesn’t believe you are real. You stand up, your legs shaking, and you feel as if they might crumble beneath you. ”Merry Christmas.” You mumbled through your tears as he pulls you into his arms. 

  • Luke- The good news was you were coming home early, the bad news, the lower half of your left leg wasn’t making it back with you. You had lost it in a road side bombing trying to save innocent bystanders, the entire incident is fuzzing to you. You can vaguely remember a loud noise and then pain so much pain you never thought was even possible to experience. Then there was the emergency surgery and countless doctors explaining how your life would be different from now on. ”I need to call everyone, they need to know.” You sob reaching down for the limb that isn’t there. ”We already called your parents, sweetie.” The nurse informed you reassuringly rubbing yourself. ”My boyfriend-” You choke out eventually, ”Can I call him please?” The nurse just nods slightly and starts to walk away but stops as if debating something, then pulls her own phone from her scrubs and hands it to you. ”I’ll just wait outside for a few minutes.” She tells you softly. You appreciate her kindness and the privacy, something you haven’t gotten a lot of since the accident. You dial Luke’s number and as the phone rings you debate in your head how you are going to tell him. ”Hello?” He answers clearly confused by the unknown number, ”Hey babe it’s me.” You say trying your best to sound like everything is fine. ”Y/N!” he exclaims happily clearly not have expecting your call, you don’t say anything, you can’t out of fear you will start crying so you sit in silence. But Luke catches on he knows you ”Please, oh no, just, Y/N, what’s going on?!” he pleads and you can tell he is almost in tears. You’ve lost all self control at this point and are full out sobbing, you pause for a few seconds to catch your breath. ”There was a bomb-” You start quietly and you can hear Luke’s breath hitch over the phone, ”I lost the lower half of one of my legs in the attack.” You say so quietly you are surprised he can even hear you. ”Oh Y/N I’m so sorry. But you’ll be okay, I’ll still love you, I’ll help you, and so will the guys and and uh” He gushes rambling through his tears, you smile at the familiarity of his adorable awkward self. ”I know babe.” , ”I love you so much, I wish I was there.” you grin an idea forming in your head. ”I get to come home early now, I still have to wait a few months to get cleared by the doctors and everything but yeah.” You lie smiling as Luke freaks out not knowing you are actually flying home in a few days, it makes you happy knowing something good can come from this. Your flight wasn’t that bad, you got to board the plane early and pick a nice window seat in the front. After reuniting with your family, you texted Luke’s mum saying you’ve landed, she replies telling you what restaurant they are at. Your mum drives you there, and helps you get into your wheelchair once you arrive. Your hair is down cascading to your shoulders and you are proudly wearing your uniform.  Luke’s mum texted you again and said they were to the left as soon as you walk in, and that Luke had his back to the door so he wouldn’t see you. Your mum starts to wheel you towards him but you quietly stop her, wanting to do this yourself. You grip the wheels tightly and propel yourself forward, you can see his family attempting to remain casual so they won’t tip him off.  You stop yourself and extend your arm to tap him on the back. He turns around confused but then he sees you and his eyes light up. He throws his arms around your neck and he keeps whispering ‘I love you’ over into you ear, ”I’m so glad you are okay beautiful.” he mummers through his tears.
  • Michael- ”I don’t even want to go to this award show tonight.” Michael groans over the phone, ”Why?” you ask innocently knowing he is oblivious to what you have planned. ”Because all the other guys have dates, and its not fair my amazingly hot girlfriend is off fighting bad guys in another country.” He whines and you smile, he never fails to flatter you. ”I’m sure you will survive.” you tease, ”Barely, ugh I have to go get ready Y/N, love you!” he says quickly hanging up the phone before you could even say it back. The award show was almost over, 5 seconds of summer had one the best new comer award and you had cheered silently back stage. And now it was almost your turn to present the completely fake ”best boyfriend” award. When you found out your tour was ending early and you got back they day Michael had to attend an award show, you somehow convinced the event sponsors to let you surprise him. So now you were walking on stage in curly black wig, oversized glasses, and a ridiculous scarf around your neck to conceal your identity. In the most nasal voice you can muster you announce ”The next award goes to the best boyfriend of all time, there are no other candidates because Michael Clifford is all a girl could ever ask for.” Fighting back tears you remove your disguise as quickly as possible, and you hear the audience gasp, you can’t see Michael from the stage but you can imagine the look on his face. Out of the corner of your eye you see someone ruining up onto the stage, it’s Michael. You don’t even have time to take in how much hotter he has gotten in the months you have been gone because his lips are crashing into yours, and millions of people will end up seeing this kiss but you could care less.   
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Can you do a preference where he finds out you're depressed and/or you self-harm? Thanks.. (:

Asked by: Anonymous

Hi, thanks for your request however I do not write prompts like this because I know a lot of people struggle with this and it can be very triggering. I hope you understand :) If you guys ever need someone to talk to, please message me off anon & I will answer privately.

On another note sorry for my lack of posting school has started and I have been stressed with 3 AP classes. I will try to post as often as I can, I love you guys :)

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#10- He comforts you when you feel insecure [Anon Request]

  • Ashton- You were looking through the most recent meet and greet photos and feeling pretty shitty about yourself. Ashton was kissing and hugging all these girls who in your opinion were ten times more gorgeous than you could ever dream of being. And you felt stupid for doing so but you started to tear up.”Babe? What’s wrong?” Ashton asked puzzled as he walked into the room. ”Nothing.” You reply instantly wiping underneath your eyes, trying to play it off like you weren’t just crying. He sits down beside you and looks at your laptop, ”Why are you looking at these?” He questions and you just shrug your shoulders because honestly you didn’t even know. ”Please tell me what’s wrong.” He pleaded gently squeezing your thigh, you sigh ”All these girls love you and they’re so much prettier than me-” You start to explain but couldn’t finish because Ashton had smashed his lips to yours. He pulls away and whispers ”I have never met anyone more beautiful or more lovely to be around than you. You’re my world, okay?”  You just nod unable to form words before kissing him again.
  • Calum- You and Calum had been walking around L.A earlier enjoying his day off and the paps had not failed to snap pictures of the two of you. You were now currently looking through them on twitter and seeing what people had to say. Mostly how horrible you looked, which you couldn’t deny, you had thrown your hair up in a bun and weren’t wearing any make-up. The tweets kept pouring in, some wondering why Calum was dating you, others saying you should kill yourself. You bury your face in your hands, your cheeks are wet, you hadn’t even realized you’d started crying. You walk out of the cramped bedroom of your hotel room, into the living area where Calum was planted on the couch.  He sees you and instantly comes rushing to your side pulling you into his embrace, you melt in his arms, feeling so safe. ”Why do you even like me?” You question sobbing into his shoulder, his hand starts rubbing up and down your back ”What? Why wouldn’t I?!” He responds perplexed. ”Your fans all think I’m ugly and you could do so much better and-” you explain wailing, but Calum stops you putting his finger to your lips. ”People who say shit like that aren’t fans of mine, because my real fans know that you’re perfect and I couldn’t find someone half as amazing as you are if I looked for a million years.”

  • Luke-  You recently watched an interview 5 Seconds of Summer had done the other day, and even though you didn’t want to be the jealous clingy girlfriend, that’s how you were feeling. They had asked Luke who his celebrity crush was and he instantly answered Mila Kunis. You couldn’t help but compare yourself to her, and in your eyes she just seemed so much better than you. You were even starting to worry she was better in Luke’s eyes. Your laptop starts ringing, it’s Luke of course calling for your daily Skype session, something you guys do when he’s on tour. ”Hey, what’s up?” He asks cheerfully, adjusting his fringe. ”Nothing, sup with you?” You reply half heartedly. His face scrunches in confusion”Y/N what’s wrong?” You sigh ”I feel so pathetic for being upset over this Luke.” You confess sheepishly, he reaches out toward the camera then drops his hand remembering he can’t touch you. ”Just tell me what’s going on.” He pleads in a low almost inaudible voice. ”When you said your girl crush was Mila Kunis, it just made me feel really insecure I know its stupid.” You explain looking down at your lap, not wanting to meet his eyes. ”Y/N you’re so beautiful, and the reason I didn’t say you were my crush is because you aren’t, you’re a girl I’m completely hand over heels for.” 
  • Michael- You were analyzing yourself in your full length mirror, picking out every notable flaw. After going shopping today and feeling ugly in absolutely everything you tried on, you could help but pick yourself apart when you got home. ”I’m so gross” You mumble to yourself as you pinch your love handles hoping it’d make them go away. ”Don’t ever say that about yourself.” Michael instructs sternly wrapping his arms around your waist. ”Its true.” You tell him miserably, hating yourself. He spins you around so your standing, face to face, his green eyes looking down at you. “Y/N you’re so irresistible, how can you not see that?” You smile slightly at how sweet he is, he grabs your hands and places them around his neck, then wraps his arms around your waist pulling you closer to him. You gently rock from one foot to the other as he starts to sing, ”I find your lips so kissable, and your kiss unmissable, your finger tips so touchable, and your eyes irresistible.” 

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#8- How you dance together

  • Ashton- You shift from one foot to the other ever so slightly, resting your foreheads against each other, he pulls you in closer to him.
  • Calum- Whenever you dance with each other its whimsical, he always spins you around and makes you feel like a princess 
  • Luke- Luke doesn’t know how to dance so you just move with him, its care free and beautiful.
  • Michael- Your dances together are like sunrise, its quiet, simple, but breath taking. 

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#7- He reads your favorite book

  • Ashton- It’s four in the morning and your cellphone will not stop ringing, you groggily answer the phone not even bothering to check the caller ID. ”I hate you!” Ashton’s voice whines and you can tell he’s been crying, you instantly sit up in a panic ”Ash? Babe what’s wrong?!” You question fear washing over you ”How could Augustus die?! He and Hazel were perfect for each other!” He demands to know, you sigh ”Did you stay up all night reading TFIOS?”  there is a pause ”Uh I don’t know, maybe?” He says nonchalantly ”Welcome to the life a of fangirl babe.” 
  • Calum- ”The movie makes so much more sense now!” Calum gushes to you, you just smile ”I told you it would! The books are always better than movies, you get so much more insight into what the character is feeling when you read.”He smiles at the way you get so passionate when you talk about things that are important to you. ”True, you just can’t comprehend what Katniss is truly going through in the movie because she isn’t narrating her struggles like in the book.” He adds feeling quite proud of himself for being able to hold a conversation about literature with you, since you were such a bookwork. ”Are you going to read Catching Fire?” He looks at you like that was the stupidest question he had ever heard ”Hell yeah!”

  • Luke- ”So I finished that book you were telling me about.” Luke informs you as the two of you stayed wrapped up in each other’s arms on your sofa. ”Isn’t it great?” You ask peering up at his face, he smiles down at you ”Yeah I found a quote that describes us perfectly or at least in my opinion” That didn’t surprise you at all, Looking for Alaska was chalked full of beautiful quotes but you were excited to hear the one Luke thought you both related to. ”What is it?” ”If people were rain I was a drizzle and she was a hurricane.” He states simply, you move closer to his face and whisper ”Luke Hemmings you are anything but a drizzle” before kissing his lips passionately.
  • Michael- ”I gave in to all the peer pressure and finally read the first Harry Potter book.” Michael admits to you over your dinner at Steak n’ Shake. You squeal because you are a huge potterhead and wished Michael was into the books as well. ”And?” You asked demandingly needing to know how he felt about the book that started it all. ”I mean that Potter kid is okay, I still don’t understand why he couldn’t be Australian.” He says shrugging, you laugh at how adorable he is. ”Are you going to read the rest?” ”I suppose I have to now that I wasted my time on the first one might as we see what happens.” he explains acting like he doesn’t care but you can tell he enjoyed reading it. ”Just admit your in love with the book babe!” You plea, he just smirks at you and whispers ”Never”
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#6- You get matching tattoos

  • Ashton- You both were in love with the ideas of tattoos and you decided you wanted your first ones to match. The ying yang was perfect because it represented how you guys worked together to balance each other out. image
  • Calum- On your two year anniversary you got these to show case what your mean to each other. Calum got the compass because you are what helps guide him through life and you got the anchor because Cal has been your rock keeping you grounded.            image   
  • Luke- You had been battling cancer all throughout you and Luke’s relationship. The day you were deemed cancer free you got these because it is the truth and neither of you wanted to forget how blessed you both are.image
  • Michael- You and Michael have countless talked about wanting to be covered in tattoos one day, so when Michael got back from tour you got these. You felt it truly captured the love you and Michael shared for each other as well as the music. image

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#5- How he is with your little sister

  • Ashton- Your grandmother was suppose to take your little sister to see a movie, so you decided to invite Ash over seeing that you would have the house to yourself. But your grandmother came down with the flu so you were stuck with a hyper five year old. ”Hey babe I’m here.” Ashton announces as he strolls into your house without even knocking, something that had become so natural to you both. ”Are you (Y/N)’s boyfriend?” Your little sister demands to know looking up at him. ”I’m sorry my grandma was suppose to take her, I know you don’t want to be stuck babysitting with me, you can leave if you want.” You explain, talking extremely fast like you always do when you get nervous. Ashton just smiles at you before he squats to your sister’s level ”Yes I am! My name is Ashton, what’s yours?” Your sister looks at him skeptically as if she was debating whether or not she answer. ”(Y/S/N)” she says quietly ”Wow that sounds like a princess name! Are you a princess?” He asks in the most gentle voice and you can’t help but smile at how great he is with her.  

  • Calum-  ”You know you don’t have to come right?” You ask Calum for about the millionth time. He had insisted on coming to your sister’s dance recital and your sister hadn’t been good at hiding the fact she didn’t really care for Calum. You had no clue why he was the sweetest guy you knew, your parents pinned it on her being a rebellious thirteen year old. ”I know but I want to be there to show I support her…even if she hates me.” He states simply, you grab his hand and walk into the theater. You sit for a few minutes watching the other dancers before she finally walks onto the stage for her solo. She dances stunningly, you can see all of her ballet lessons had paid off.  She walks off the stage and you run over to her throwing your arms around her  ”You were amazing!” She smiles still breathing heavily from dancing. Calum walks up moments later with a bouquet of flowers, you glance at him wondering where on earth he had gotten them but he just grins. ”You know after watching you dance I think I might quit my band to become a dancer, that totally kicked ass!” Calum informs her handing her the flowers, your sisters is taken aback ”Um wow thank you so much Calum, they’re gorgeous” 
  • Luke- Your parents had invited Luke over for dinner and you were really nervous they would say something to embarrass you. Right now you were watching TV with him on the couch waiting for your parents to finish cooking, while your three year old sister played with her barbies on the living room floor. ”Relax babe” Luke whispers in your ear sensing how nervous you are. ”You whispering in my ear like that doesn’t help me calm down it just makes me horny.” You whisper shout back to him, he arches his eyebrows at your comment ”It’s a shame your parents are here or else I would just throw you down and -” he starts to seductively explain but your little sister interrupts him. ”Luke! Luke! Play with me!” she demands, you roll your eyes could she have been a bigger mood killer. ”(Y/S/N) Luke is big boy he doesn’t want to play with you.” You answer for Luke ”None sense! I would be honored to play barbies with you.” He tells her surprising you ”Oh I want to be her I like her outfit!” He exclaims ever so child like and you just laugh wondering how you ever ended up with someone so wonderful.

  • Michael- The doorbell rang so you dragged yourself off the couch to see who was there, you were confused when you saw Michael standing on your front porch with his guitar case. ”What are you doing here babe?” You asked baffled, still in your pajamas. ”Well your Mom was talking to me about good places to take (Y/S/N) to get guitar lessons and I offered to do it myself because if she is going to learn she might as well learn from the best.”  He explains with a cocky smirk on his face.  ”Oh.” you state simply ”And here I was thinking you were going to try serenade me in order to get in my pants.” You admit sheepishly, Michael chuckles to himself before asking ”Why would that have worked?!” Michael had been hinting he wanted to do it with you for awhile but you had been ignoring his pleas. You walk over to him and wrap your arms around his neck, and softly kiss his lips ”Maybe.” you whisper as you pull away. He leans in to kiss you again but you put a hand to his lips ”No no Mr.Nice guy you have to go teach my sister how to be a rock star.” You taunt, he looks at you biting his lip ”You’re a bitch you know that.” you just smile at him as if to say ”I know.”
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#4- His reaction to his birthday present

  • Ashton- You had saved up your money to buy him a really nice drum set, when he walked into the room he was speechless.image
  • Calum- He had been talking recently about all the killer bands that were playing at warped this year so you decided to get him tickets for his birthday. He had the biggest smile on his face.image
  • Luke- You told him he get his present later tonight in the bedroom.image
  • Michael- You know Michael had been really home sick on tour so you decided to throw him a surprise party, he had no clue what you had been up to.image